Great for family, friends or a table for one.

Invite Fido we’ll make some treats for you and the dog!

Qlinary Creation Coaching is new way to find joy in your day.

Nurture Your Relationships While Ascending Your Kitchen Skills


Did you know that YUM is the sound of the heart chakra? It’s no wonder I feel so connected to people when I cook for them, my heart is being tuned by every person who utters that sound. Have you ever experienced that? Would you like to?

Qlinary Creation Coaching (a play on the word Culinary) is born of passion, intention and spirit. Guided by the principles of Quintascension Soul Coaching, we will spend our time together in your kitchen (virtually) and steep your connection between mind, heart, hands and tastebuds!

Trained in classical French Culinary Arts, I am a retired Chef, spending nearly 30 years in a variety of venues, serving every kind of guest. It culminated in the last 5 years of my career as the Chef and Operator of The Hungry Pelican in Snohomish, WA. It was my mission to create and cure food cravings; I will always be proud of my little Cafe. I must admit though, the only thing I really miss is my amazing guests. It is my connection to others that has paved the way to this new chapter, offering you Coaching services to create and cure the cravings in your life!

Several years ago my culinary career came to a hard stop due to a litany of circumstances beyond my control and I closed my restaurant. At it’s worst I experienced extreme panic attacks at the thought of going into a kitchen, I couldn’t hold a knife and I lost my ability to taste much. For too long I could only taste metal then I slowly developed the taste for the basics; salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Umami took even longer. I was severed from the heart, mind and body of a Chef and while the desire to work in the restaurant industry never returned (I didn’t expect it to) my relationship with food slowly did. I am forever grateful for that.

I began to taste and create satisfying and comforting meals for myself again. I learned to listen to my body as it told me what it needed and discovered my tastes are no longer the same. I found joy in the smells, sounds, colors, flavors and sharing of food once more. The last one took the longest. One day I caught myself waiting for the moment of YUM on a friend’s face, that second or two when the eyes close and the room falls silent except a quiet mmmmmmmm sound. It was in that moment I felt passion spark again.

Would you like more YUM in your life?

Find joy in the kitchen; be confident, safe and creative with your favorite recipes and discover how good it feels to nurture your body, mind and spirit through food.

Learn how cook your favorite recipes in your own kitchen

Want to try something new? Or recreate a family tradition? Craving nibbles from the Hungry Pelican? It’s your choice. Modified diets are welcome.

Develop kitchen skills like knife handling, food safety and fun

While we play in the kitchen, I will offer simple tips and tricks as needed. Your skill level and comfort will determine what we need to review as we go. Safety First!

Nourish the spirit with your presence

Mindfulness in the kitchen is not only sensible, it is also an opportunity to quiet the outside world and focus on the good stuff in life.

Create an experience for yourself, couples or the whole family

Cooking for a full house has one big advantage… more hands! Me time or we time, it’s all ages fun. If there is interest, there is a task that can be shared. If you are a family of one, it just means you have to do the dishes too.

Discover why they say “You can taste the love” and find that special ingredient

Relationships with food can be dysfunctional, traumatic, unhealthy or intimidating but we still have to eat. While this experience is not therapy, it is a way to shift your perspectives and find ingredients to joyful living. There is a big difference between eating for sustenance and dining for pleasure and it may only take a sprinkling of love to get you there.

Feel the power of YUM!

This little word holds the power of the heart, lifts the spirit and fills us with the deliciousness of life. Serve it up anytime you feel the warmth of goodness; tastes, smells, sights, thoughts… YUM! The more you do, the more you crave. Live the good stuff.

30 Minute Quick Yum / What’s in the Fridge get creative with what’s on hand $34

1 Hour Creation Coaching / 1 Household $88 (Eaty-Eat dollars 😉)

1 Hour Creation Coaching / Multiple Homes $123

90 minutes Couples Creation Coaching / Love Feast $156

3 Session Creation Coaching/ 1 hour package $234

Add-On: 30 minute extension of instruction, provided recipes or menu planning $34

This makes a wonderful gift!

I will connect virtually in Zoom (or other requested platform) and provide practical instruction on the recipe(s) of your choice as able in the session time booked. Sensible tips and food safety insights will be offered as we play in your kitchen. I offer guidance from a lifetime of experiences in the kitchen, though I will not be cooking.

What’s in the Fridge is a Quick Yum session. A focused intentional brainstorm of fun new ways to use what’s on hand at that time; mindfully creating the good stuff with ease. You can’t escape the parallels that extend beyond the kitchen. Discover the little things that can tell you so much more.

Creation Coaching requires some preparation ahead. You will need to provide a copy of the recipe prior to the session and have the tools and ingredients to create the desired recipes. If preferred, this can be an instructional review of recipes versus a hands on creation. There are many variables and these details will be finalized prior to our session. Additional time is available for recipe suggestions or menu planning if desired.

Couples Creation Coaching is quality time with someone special. You get to create a romantic dinner (or other meal like Brunch or Lunch ) for two, sharing the experience of learning how to combine individual ingredients and create something that makes them even better…. just like the two of you. Don’t worry, I’ll be gone by dessert.

We start by setting our intentions at the beginning of each session based on your needs and desired outcomes. Through our time the focus on activities, thoughts, challenges and inspirations that come from the experience will be funneled through those intentions, creating a mindful, relaxed, nurtured connection with the food and the people creating it.

Chef Terra 2017